Video Chat Apps: the 5 best for out of the office employees

When you work outside the office, communication is an essential part of your job. It's really important to keep the job moving forward as a remote worker. 

Mobile devices are like best friends on-the-go: you can use them for productivity, and they might save your life, but hey, why not use them to collaborate also?

If you're looking for the right app to improve communication with companies and customers, video chat is a great idea. You want to keep your workforce mobile and video chatting humanizes dialogue, maximizes productivity and boosts morale - why not have a small virtual office alongside you?

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So, what are the best video chat apps for your needs?

Duo will make calls simple, quick and dynamic.

google duo app print screen

Google has recently launched Duo, which is basically a FaceTime competitor. Its main feature is real-time, quick calls. Duo is meant to be simple, so it’s perfect to connect with colleagues anywhere.

Unlike FaceTime, Duo is available for both iOS and Android.

Skype is the traditional tool for business calls.

skype app print screen

Skype is the classic app for calls, so using Skype to talk to customers or possible partners is a great option, as odds are they already have an account. Also, you can call phone numbers at affordable rates.

Kast gives you real-time updates on a mobile-first, secure platform.

kast app print screen

Kast is a useful, unique app. It differentiates itself by allowing you to create real-time communication channels. You don’t even have to create an account: simply enter your work email, and you’re instantly connected to co-workers of the same company.

Text, call and share with Viber.

viber app print screen

Viber gathers both WhatsApp and Skype’s main functions, so it might win you over. If you want messaging and file sharing, while also being able to make real-time calls, Viber is the right tool.

Make mobile and web calls with Hangouts.

hangouts app print screen

Hangouts is another Google app, but this one is included on Google for Work - which makes Hangouts easier to use. If you're using Gmail, for example, you can have a small Hangout chat open while you send e-mails; if you want to call, it's also there.

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