Top 10 LinkedIn Posts of 2016 (by Sales Experts)

2016 was an eventful year, to say the least. With a presidential election that shook the world, Brexit, constant technological advances, and so many other changes across the globe, - it's only logical that the marketplace would change as well.

So, where does Sales stand as a result?

Whether you’re a sales manager, a sales rep, or anything any in between, you need to stay informed with the best content available. And the best content available is very likely to come from the top experts across the world. LinkedIn Pulse is one of the greatest places to find this information, so we’ve compiled the top sales posts from 2016.

Check out the list below:

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The Top 10 LinkedIn Posts of 2016 (by Sales Experts):

1) Five Not-So-Obvious Tips for Winning More Sales, by Don Peppers

Why this article: even if you’re familiar with the basics of sales, Don goes further by introducing great tips. These five tips are practical and can give you a head start on closing more deals in 2017.

Why this author: Don Peppers has expertise in marketing, sales and customer experience. His Pulse posts are often shared across social media because he definitely knows what he is talking about. Don is a best-selling author whose first book “The One to One Future”, is credited with having launched the CRM revolution. Do you need more reasons to check out what he’s saying?

2) Why it’s more important than ever for sales and marketing to work together in 2017, by Liam Halpin

Why this article: sales and marketing relationships are still underestimated in a lot of companies.  Beyond that, Liam affirms that many people understand the importance of a close relationships, but aren’t capitalizing on that inside their workplaces. In this year, Liam explains why it’s essential that marketing and sales teams work side-by-side.

Why this author: Liam Halpin is the Senior Director of LinkedIn Sales Solutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He has vast experience in both sales and marketing, which makes him an expert you need to keep an eye on.

3) How Anyone Can Avoid the Basic Social Selling Mistakes, by Jeff Haden 

Why this article: social media use continues to increase and social selling is growing alongside it. In this post, Jeff covers the mistakes you must avoid and the right way to social sell.

Why this author: Jeff Haden  is a ghostwriter whose name is behind many best-selling books. He’s also a contributing editor to Inc. Magazine and an expert on business and investing. For all of those reasons (and being an active presence on LinkedIn), his Pulse posts make a very good read.

4) How to Handle Every Objection Including When Your Customer Says "I'm Not Buying Today", by Grant Cardone

Why this article: Grant grabs your attention by reminding you of the human part of selling. If you’re trying to sell to someone who’s not comfortable, there are simple ways to approach your prospect without sounding invasive; and that is what he explains.

“Remember that you are not in the product business, you are in the people business.”

Why this author: Grant Cardone is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and online sales trainer. Grant focuses on growing sales inside small companies and helping them reach their targets. Grant posts regularly on Pulse and his insights are easy to follow.

5) Plenty of Features, but no Benefits, by Tim Williams

Why this article: Sales is often a game of words and persuasion; in that sense, many people talk about their product’s features, but not its benefits. That’s where they lose - and where you can win. This article explains exactly how you can find those benefits to sell your vision and solutions in a better, smarter way.

Why this author: Tim Williams is the founder of Ignition Consulting Group, a leading U.S.-based consultancy devoted to helping advertising agencies and other professional services firms create more value for their clients. He’s a noted author and has extensive knowledge about branding, marketing, and sales.

6) Not Meeting Your Targets? Here’s Why, by Colin Shaw

Why this article: in this post, Colin explores principles of behavioral economics, addressing  patterns in the customer behavior, like what factors lead customers to make purchase decisions. If you’re struggling to successfully close on your targets, this article is for you.

Why this author:  recognized by LinkedIn as one of the top 150 business influencers, Colin Shaw is an expert on customer experience. He’s a best-selling author and constantly develops free resources, such as ebooks that you can find on his website!

7) Why Sales Teams Crave Storytelling Training, by Andy Raskin

Why this article: the power of stories cannot be underestimated and may be what your sales training is missing. Andy covers this subject and shares valuable first hand experience in this post.

Why this author: Andy Raskin has experience as a product marketing manager and specializes in training leadership teams to build and tell compelling stories.

8) On Your Next Big Deal? Double Your Pricing, by Jason M. Lenkin

Why this article: with a simple explanation, Jason explains why you should ask for more when selling to a large customer. His promise: you won’t be ripping off your customer.

Why this author: Jason M. Lenkin invests in SaaS companies in order to help them grow. If you’re in the SaaS business - or just looking for valuable lessons from that sector -, Jason has some great insights to share.

9) How We Made Money Selling Invisible Ice Cream, by Michael Cizek

Why this article: this is a great example of how we often forget the basics of selling. By developing an “invisible ice cream,” Michael experimented with a few principles and re-discovered the human aspect of sales.

Why this author: okay, this is an exception - this is not an expert. Michael Cizek is a junior at the University of Florida, where much of the value of this post lies. With Michael’s perspective, we're reminded to keep things fresh to sell and promote better in the twenty-first century.

10) Boost Your Team’s Performance in the New Year, by Daniel Goleman

Why this article: this article focuses on leadership and improving teamwork not only for sales teams, but any team inside a company. In this post, Daniel explains why emotional intelligence is one of the most important assets for boosting team productivity.

Why this author: Daniel Goleman frequently lectures to business audiences reminding them that emotional and social intelligence are vital aspects of leadership. His Pulse posts are widely shared because of his relevant and practical insights.

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