The 15 Must-Have Tools for Sales Teams (and why)

Selling is a tough job. Whether you work on the inside or in field sales, you will face many unpredictable scenarios with customers.

Thankfully, technology works on our behalf to solve our daily problems. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools available for sales teams. Need a tool to help the sales process? An app to manage meetings? Or something to ease your access to your CRM? Don’t worry - we’ve got it covered.

Here are the Best Tools for Sales Teams:

1) Insightly

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Why is it a must-have? Insightly manages all things: contacts, projects, events, and reports. It’s one of the most used CRM platforms, especially for small businesses. It also integrates with email, Google Apps, Office 365, and more.

2) Valomnia

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Why is it a must-have? ValomniaSales supplies you with the best tools to manage orders and pre-orders. It is also perfect for presenting your products to potential customers. Its main features consist of a digital catalog to improve field sales and offline access for ordering information.

3) Dropbox

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Why is it a must-have? Dropbox is the ultimate tool for file sharing. Its business features are meant to ease enterprise mobility. You can upload files from your desktop and open them from a mobile device. You can also share folders with your colleagues, create password-protected links and securely manage your documents.

4) Base

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Why is it a must-have? Base includes tools for sales, customer and lead management, reports and statistics. It also includes a mobile app for on-the-go access to your CRM. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can manage your sales pipeline with efficiency; you can also manage leads and assign them to reps if needed.

5) Hubspot Sales

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Why is it a must-have? Besides sales automation tools, Hubspot offers other useful features. By using the Hubspot Sales platform, you’re able to see who opened your emails, what companies are visiting your website (prospects you might want to invest in) and access other features that help your sales team.

6) Kast

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Why is it a must-have? Kast is a mobile app created for communication on the go. It works perfectly for sales enablement: communicate from wherever you are to your reps (wherever they are). With Kast, you can create video, text, image and audio content to share with your team in a dynamic and practical way. Kast also guarantees content security, so videos can’t be shared externally from Kast.

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Why is it a must-have? Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms available. Dial into meetings with one tap, quickly access your CRM data and get the information you need - exactly when you need it.

8) GoToMeeting

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Why is it a must-have? GoToMeeting is an extremely helpful tool. Its main goal is to improve meetings by gathering all tasks in one platform. You can schedule meetings and create video conferences either from your desktop or your mobile device.

9) Skype

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Why is it a must-have? Skype is one of the best video conference tools available, considering it’s extremely well-known and customers are more likely to have an account. Make online meetings using video and audio, share your screen with contacts and have real-time conversations - all with secure authentication and encryption for security.

10) SlideRocket

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‍Why is it a must-have? It’s a tool for presentations: you can either create your own on SlideRocket or import one from Google or PowerPoint. You can share a presentation with your colleagues to collaborate, embed live data on your slides and measure the effectiveness of the ones you sent by email. It also ensures security, so presentations and data are only available to who you share them with.

11) Repsly

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Why is it a must-have? Repsly presents itself as a mobile data collection and field management tool. From GPS tracking of your reps to appointment scheduling (featuring the good old CRM), its platform is created especially for field reps that visit established clients on a regular basis.

12) Clari

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Why is it a must-have? Clari works with science to improve sales results. It provides forecasting based on your data - get insights on which deal is moving faster, map the probability of winning a deal and understand where your sales reps are wasting time. All of that is supplied by the Clari platform: if you want to sell more and better, why not try a little analytics to boost productivity?

13) MeetingMapper

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Why is it a must-have? MeetingMapper integrates with Salesforce to improve the processes involved with meetings. Plan and schedule your appointments, store critical information regarding those meetings and basically use a single data-entry interface to manage everything.

14) DocuSign

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Why is it a must-have? DocuSign is a simple, but great app for digital transactions, allowing you to quickly sign documents from your mobile device! Either share documents to be signed or sign them yourself, DocuSign also ensures security in its entire platform.

15) Proposify

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Why is it a must-have? Yes, there is a software focused on proposals. Proposify offers design and marketing templates. It's a collaborative platform where colleagues can edit and share insights on pipeline results. It also integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot’s CRM and other tools - in short, if you want to manage your proposals in the cloud, Proposify is the way to go.

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