Productivity Apps: the 10 best for Sales Teams

We’re living in a digital world where smartphones and devices travel everywhere we go. They have become not only helpful to our everyday lives but in some cases indispensable. 

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Below is a top 10 list of productivity apps we think could prove essential in your company.

Asana manages projects.

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Does your team lack cohesiveness? Are they working to their full potential? Asana is an easy to use, free productivity app that allows teams to track work and get results. Start a team, create a project, make a list, and get everyone on board. Teams work better, faster, and smarter. Responsibilities, next steps, or future tasks are clearly organized and succinctly ticked off, meaning no time is wasted on procrastination or confusion. If you need a project management app, go for Asana.

LinkedIn Pulse is an excellent way to find out what is trending around the world, as well as following news relevant to your particular industry.

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With LinkedIn Pulse, you get to follow your own contacts or a source whose content interests you. You can like, comment on, or share conversations of interest to keep those connected to you informed.

Evernote allows you to capture a thought and spread it across all your devices at once.

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Create a task list, capture a photo, make a sketch, or jot down a fleeting thought. The best part about Evernote? Once captured, you never need to worry about where you placed your notes, because everything is in Evernote, and Evernote is everywhere you are. You can also create group notebooks allowing coworker collaboration on big ideas.

Dragon Mobile Assistant is for those who aren’t into written notes.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant app translates your voice message into written notes, text or email. Perfect for sales teams on the go who need to compose messages in real time on their mobile phone. Dragon is one of the best productivity apps for sales teams because creating content becomes faster and easier, meaning less time texting and more time selling.

DocuSign allows you to add a digital signature to any document, receipt, or contract directly from your mobile device.

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DocuSign is a great productivity app and thus one of the most widely used electronic signatures. No more hassles, paperwork, overnight waiting, scanning or faxing documents. Receive client signatures in record time or place your signatures on documents in real time, allowing your team to get things underway regardless of whether you are in the office.

Remember The Milk is a to-do-list app for people on the go.

print screen remember the milk app

Stop thinking about the hundreds of things you have to do, and jot them down in an app that remembers them for you. Receive reminders via the app or through email, text, IM, or Twitter. Organize lists with colors and tags; sort by priority or due date, and let Remember The Milk make your to-do lists as succinct as humanly possible.

Dropbox is a productivity app eliminating the gap between your mobile device and desktop computer.

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It’s perfect for sales teams on the go who need to access important documents from their mobile phone. Dropbox is a one-stop platform that makes holding, accessing, and transporting large documents easy. Company information is contained within one app, and opened, sent or received from any device regardless of file size.

Kast is a mobile-based communication app, merging the ease of social communication with the security measures essential for a corporate environment.

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Kast is a collaboration app designed for the mobile video age and is one of the best apps for sales teams. Everyone uses social apps to communicate with friends, family or acquaintances, so why not bring this technology into your workforce as well? Group colleagues, start interacting, open private or public channels, and get work done faster and smarter. Kast connects in-house and remote workers through their mobile phone in real time, boosting collaboration, increasing productivity, and accelerating team decisions.

CamCard digitizes business cards through a photo and automatically saves the clients information in your contacts list.

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Sales teams are constantly giving and receiving cards. The value of CamCard app is pretty straightforward.

Doc Scan is another simple app to make business communication easier.

print screen doc scan app

With Doc Scan, you can snap a photo of a document and the app will convert it into a PDF or JPG file. Converting to PDF has never been simpler.

What productivity apps do you use in your company? And what do you think is the best app available for connecting sales teams?

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