The Best Sales Phrases To Win Your Prospect's Heart

It's Valentine's Day and we want you to win your prospect's heart with a single phone call.


From your first approach to closing the deal, we have listed the best sales phrases for your prospect to fall madly in love with your solution.

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"I’ll only take a moment of your time, Sir/Madam…"

I don't know anyone who loves being called to hear a product presentation. It doesn't matter if you are about to sell the solution to all of their problems; assume you're bothering. Thinking of an objection and preparing yourself ahead is one of the smartest tactics you can use as a sales rep. Therefore, start by preventing an objection before it happens.

"What are you responsible for achieving in [period of time]?"


"What are your goals/challenges?"

Once your prospect answers that, you're equipped with the information you need to sell. Of course, if their reply is short, it's your job to make follow-up questions to better understand their problem.

Find the right fit for your solution in their context and, from then on, pick the argumentation to offer.

"Did you know [surprising data]?"

For some reason, human beings love researches. Something about an impressive percentage can be truly convincing for a prospect. Use that factor to your advantage and have some amazing data up your sleeve. Show your prospect how it's proven that your solution can be rewarding for them as well.

Moving Forward

"Our solution has [benefit], which is perfect for your [pain point]."

Explain what you have to offer, but don't waste any of your prospect's time (or interest). Consider every obstacle they pointed out and move forward by introducing your product or service as their savior.

"What other products have you considered?"

Evaluate how strongly you will need to defend your brand. Have they looked into many options? Are they considering purchasing from your direct competition?

There could be no need to aggressively promote your solution versus your competitors, because your prospect could be unaware of other options. That does not mean you shouldn't showcase your biggest benefits, of course.

"Unlike our competitors, we’re proud to say…"

To use this, make sure your prospect already knows that your solution solves their pain points. We call this the Interest stage, which is past Awareness.

If your prospect is already convinced by main features, it's time to showcase your unique benefits. Don't be afraid of positioning yourself ahead of the competition.

"What questions do you have?"

Let them know you are there to listen rather than just to sell. If your prospect feels you want to contribute to their success, you're more likely to win.

So ask ahead and show you're willing to answer any doubts.

"We can certainly do that for you, Sir/Madam."

If they present needs that your company can resolute, sound as lightly as you can.

Close The Deal

"Ready to move forward?"

Introduce the final stage as a natural progression. Also, the idea of "moving forward" translates as a positive move towards a certain goal.

"Why don't you give us a try?"

Don't be imperative: if you're asking to purchase, be the least invasive possible. Instead, take the weight off of the buying decision.

"If we can [solve objection], would you close with us on [set period of time]?"

They present an objection, but it is something you could be able to provide - take it as an opportunity not to lose your prospect. It's also a good way to demonstrate you're willing to do what's necessary to help them out.

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