How lagging information can affect performance and sales

Bad communication can be an unfortunate side effect of any growing business. For example, a change in price wasn’t communicated clearly to the sales team, resulting in hundreds of dollars of loss and a mess to clean up with customers. An email wasn’t read properly, leading to a delay in distribution with a major international client. A new product wasn’t outlined clearly and the launch wasn’t as successful as expected.

If information isn’t clear and succinct, it can strain your business in many ways. Time is wasted clarifying emails, rewriting documents due to wrong information, reinforcing forgotten product content due to dull meetings, and cleaning up mistakes. Regardless of whether it’s a major or minor lag in information, any communication lag substantially affects business performance.

The most obvious effect of lagging information in sales is on overall performance. 55% of the people hired in sales do not have the right skills or information to be successful. This is not a reflection on the employees themselves but rather the lack of training or information they are armed with. And yet an average company spends six times as much money on hiring new employees as they do on training their current ones.

Transparency of information is paramount to keeping your team informed, well trained, and ultimately successful at hitting their sales targets. A lag of information can also affect moral, reducing confidence, engagement, motivation, and even how often an employee shows up for work. A whopping 70% of employees claim to be disengaged at work. High moral starts at the top and works its way down a company, so a lag in information can foster distrust or disrespect for leaders, creating tension and uncertainty. Engaged employees are 38% more likely to have better productivity, so clear and succinct communication is paramount to creating happy, confident employees armed with the right information to be successful.

Kast is a video-centric mobile app promoting open communication and transparent information in the workforce. Kast allows the entire team to stay informed with real time updates, product knowledge, and constant training, effectively equipping the team with the information they need to hit targets. Everything relevant to their job is contained within an app on their mobile device. Accessing information couldn’t be simpler or easier, regardless of whether they are in the office, with a customer, or at home.

Move with Kast towards a transparent, mobile-first workplace, where employees have the ability to search for information, on the go and in real time, from their mobile device. Gone are the days of lengthy morning meetings. With KAST, a digital meeting is present all day in their pocket, with the idea that employees can pop in and out of the meeting as they like, updating themselves with whatever they deem relevant, and in the meantime, actually be productive in their normal workday, regardless of whether they are on the shop floor or a sales representative on the streets.

Let Kast revolutionize how information is shared in your company. 49% of millennials (who make up the majority of the workforce) believe in the power of social media and its ability to improve communication, so much so that 40% of them would be willing to pay for it themselves, just to improve their work environment. KAST is based on social communication and is a secure, easily accessible solution for your company. With a workplace environment embracing transparent information, employees are more inspired, innovative, and armed with the right information to increase performance and drive sales.

How do you currently share information in your workforce?

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