10 Sales Experts You Should Follow On LinkedIn

In order to be a good professional in any area (especially in the 21st century), you’re required to know what’s trending and what is not. That isn’t different in sales: as people and technology change, the process of closing deals changes as well.

For that reason, it’s essential to follow the right people. Sales experts are the ones who will lead the way. If you want to know what technique is outdated, how clients are behaving or what tools work best, make sure you’ll keep track on what these people are saying.

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Who are the top sales experts on LinkedIn?

1. Aaron Ross  

aaron ross linkedin

Website: Predictable Revenue

Blog: Predictable Revenue Blog

Author of the book “Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of Salesforce.com”, Aaron is a true expert. I mean, how could the former Director of Corporate Sales at Salesforce be any different? If you need the right outbound tips, Aaron Ross is who you should follow.

2. Koka Sexton 

koka sexton linkedin

Website: Social Selling Labs

Blog: Social Selling Labs Blog

Founder of Social Selling Labs, Koka knows his way on using social media to sell. If your goal is to improve lead generation via Twitter, LinkedIn or other networks, make sure you’ll pay attention to Sexton.

3. Lincoln Murphy 

lincoln murphy linked in

Website: Lincoln Murphy

Blog: Sixteen Ventures

Lincoln is one of the strongest names in Customer Success. His experience goes from dealing with customers and creating content marketing to lead generation. Despite not being directly a salesperson, his thoughts are valuable simply because he’s got intel on humanizing a business-customer relationship.

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4. Lori Richardson 

lori richardson linkedin

Website: Score More Sales

Blog: Score More Sales Blog

Lori is an influencer on sales training and has some great advice for salespeople. With a long history of working and coaching in the area, she is also the president of WOMEN Sales Pros - which certainly gives her an edge for helping women achieve better goals at selling.

5. Max Altschuler 

max altschuler linkedin

Website: Sales Hacker

Blog: Sales Hacker Library

The founder and CEO of Sales Hacker is also the author of “Hacking Sales”, a book on making sales and technology allies on the modern world. Being an entrepreneur, advisor and investor, Max sure knows what succeeds and what doesn’t in sales nowadays.

6. Deb Calvert

deb calvert linkedin

Website/Blog: People First PS

Deb is a major sales training expert - her expertise lies in the human parts of business, such as coaching managers and sales professionals. She is also the author of the book series “DISCOVER Questions”, that seeks to make sales calls more effective.

7. Jonathan Farrington 

jonathan farrington linkedin

Website/Blog: Top Sales World

By definition, the CEO of Top Sales World and editor of Top Sales Magazine is required to know what’s trending in the sales area. And so he does. His profile even features some whitepapers on key accounts, successful organizations and other subjects - so why aren’t you following Jonathan yet?

8. Mark Roberge 

mark roberge linkedin

Mark is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School. He’s also the author of “The Sales Acceleration Formula”, a book on how data, tech and inbound selling can accelerate selling strategies. If that wasn’t enough, he is the former Chief Revenue Officer at the Hubspot Sales Division - so, well, make sure Mark is on your following list.

9. Tamara Schenk 

tamara schenk linkedin

Website/Blog: Tamara Schenk

Tamara is an expert on B2B Sales. She offers sales enablement perspectives to drive productivity inside businesses, as the current research director at CSO Insights. If you’re focusing on sales enablement in your company, you should look for what Tamara has to say.

10. Art Sobczak 

art sobczak

Website/Blog: Business By Phone

Art’s focus is entirely on cold calling; he’s an expert on training B2B inside sales teams to make effective calls and close deals. Besides a few remarkable books, Art also provides videos with tips and advice for successful sales.

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