[Quiz] Do You Enable Your Sales Team Like a Boss?

Sales leaders agree - sales enablement is an increasingly important topic. To grow revenue and close deals you have to do more than just supply reps with a phone and a call list. So, how do you enable your sales team to succeed? 

It's all about analyzing your team's progress, removing barriers, generating helpful content and distributing it at the right time in the right way.

Are you enabling your sales team? If you’re a sales manager and you’re not familiar with the concept, that doesn’t mean your team isn’t enabled.

Perhaps you’re already doing the right thing and you’re just not aware it’s called Sales Enablement - if that’s the case, great!

Or perhaps you are already studying Sales Enablement and you want to know if you’re practicing it properly. Either way, this quiz is for you!

Let’s end the mystery: do you want to know whether you’re a Sales Enablement Master?

Take our quiz to find out and let us know what you got! Click on the link below to start  ↓


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