[e-Book] Sales Enablement 101: What, How and Who

Have you heard of sales enablement?

If you haven't, you're missing out. And if you have - there is a good chance you're not certain of what it means.

Well, everyone should know about sales enablement. You could be wasting time and money by not enabling sales at your company.

There are many definitions to sales enablement but they are all centered around one thing: information.

Sales enablement involves a set of strategies that can bring sales teams to their full potential. According to DemandMetric, 3 out of 4 organizations report sales enablement has a significant contribution to increasing sales.

It includes empowering sales reps, connecting teams,  using the best tools, providing training, and improving the entire process.

More important than understanding the definition of sales enablement, you should understand how sales enablement can be applied to your team: what kind of information do my sales reps need? How can I create, distribute and track that information? How do my sales reps like to consume this information?

You can use this information to empower your salesforce and, in turn, to become more successful.You just have to be very deliberate and implement sales enablement in the way that is most appropriate for your specific salesforce.

On that note, we've developed a guide with everything you need to know on sales enablement.

In this e-Book, you’ll learn:

- What is sales enablement;

- What kind of information is required to enable teams;

- How to enable your sales team;

- How sales training can be helpful;

- Who is responsible for sales enablement.


Sales Enablement 101 e-book

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