Sales Emails: The 7 Best Subject Lines for Outreach Email

Everyone’s busy these days, which makes sales hard. 

Potential buyers are regularly approached and bombarded with more choices than a McDonald's drive-thru. Outreach or sales emails are a great starting point to connect with a busy buyer. 

However, you put time and effort into crafting the perfect email in an attempt to win business, and then as the weeks go by without a reply, you wonder if it was even opened.

So, how do you turn an ignored sales email into an opportunity for engagement? What can you do to make your sales email stand out amongst the junk?

With the best subject lines possible.

Most buyers will base whether your email is worthy – thus whether they will open it – on the subject line. It can be creative, simple, snappy, direct, or informative. Wait. So, basically, it can be anything? Yes, subject lines can take many forms! So we have put together a few examples and helpful tips that work.

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The best subject lines for sales emails:

1. ‘Your Company.’ // ‘Their Company.’

Matching their business with yours is a good way to create an introduction. The companies are equal in the subject line, and it's clear you want to connect. There will be no surprises in the body of the email. Replace business names with first and last names to make it more personal.

2. ‘Thank you, Jennifer.’ OR ‘Nice to meet you, Nick.’

Everyone likes to hear or see their own name. Think about that person you met for the first time at a party, and she remembered your name all night. You felt special, didn’t you? Apply the same concept here. Warning: Use it correctly. If you have nothing to thank Jennifer for or have never met Nick, it goes without saying that you will look unprofessional.

3. ‘Monica Freeman recommended I get in touch.’

Referrals are a powerful tool. If you have received a contact from a mutual friend or work associate, use your best subject line by highlighting this fact. It guarantees a high reply rate. If it wasn’t a recommendation as such, you could get around this by trying something like, ‘I found you through Monica Freeman.’

4. ‘80% of Sales reps aren’t skilled at their job.’

Tip or statistic. Offering a free piece of advice or interesting statistic related to a potential customer’s business can go a long way in engaging their interest.

5. Leave it blank!

A Sidekick survey found that blank subject lines caused sales emails to be opened 8% more often. Who would have thought? So, if you can’t think of anything good, just hit send!

6. ‘Do you have …’

Ask questions. Questions promote answers. And if the buyer is curious about the answer to your question, they will open the email. Of course, the questions must be relevant to the recipient.

7. ‘Hi Karen, I’d like to ask you about …’

Be honest! All this talk about trying to be clever, but honesty is always a great policy. If you’re stuck for ways to connect, try a straightforward, honest approach. If your prospect clicks on your subject line and opens the sales email, they know exactly what they will find inside.

Which brings us to an important tip: Don’t trick a reader into opening your sales email with flashy subject lines that have no relevance to the body of the email. You will only look unprofessional and create annoyance.

Another tip: Keep it short. Edit. Edit and edit some more. Your subject line should be as brief and concise as possible. Editing is even more important in the body of your sales email. If your prospective customer opens the email, you want them to be able to absorb the body of text quickly, before they lose interest. Make your points quickly!

And lastly, follow up your original sales email. Often people run out of time, get too busy, or forget, and your email goes down their inbox until it’s not in front of them anymore. Follow up with a reminder. If you’re offering a product or service that can genuinely benefit their business, often a second attempt might spur them into replying.

So, now, when you ask yourself what the best subject lines for sales emails are, you'll have this blog as a handy reference point! Good luck! And if you have any of your own tips, put them in the comments below.

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