How onboarding new sales reps with video can save time and money

More often than not, the people you hire to be the face of your company and drive your sales are gone within two years. And unfortunately, training them takes six to twelve months. It’s essential to invest time, money, and resources into your new sales reps. However, there is a period of time between hiring your sales rep and when your company actually starts to see a return on the time and money you invested in their training. With the threat of departure within a two year period, sometimes a company doesn’t even see a return on their investment.

Savvy managers know a specially designed onboarding program is invaluable to getting the most out of their new hires. With a succinct, engaging program you can save time getting new reps up to speed, arm them with the tools they need to succeed, improve business communication, increase sales and create a more supportive workingenvironment with the hope to reduce long term turnover. It's all about keeping your enterprise in mobile.

An onboarding program should include such things as sales strategies, company culture, product knowledge, customer needs, and typical industry knowledge. These programs are often done through in-house training, which can be tedious, time consuming, and ultimately very expensive. Mentoring is great, but let’s face it, experienced sales teams have work to do and pairing sales reps is expensive.

So, how do you condense all this essential information into a cohesive and engaging onboarding program that doesn’t consume a large portion of your company’s time and money? Simple. Video-centric training.

Kast is a video-centric app ready to revolutionize the way your company onboards new employees and shares vital information. With sales teams working primarily through their mobile device; training programs, exchanging information, and product knowledge can be updated in real time.

In 2015 the average video views per day on Facebook doubled from 4 million to 8 million, as video became one of the most popular ways to digest information. Almost one third of all internet users worldwide are active on YouTube, and YouTube has increased in traffic by 50% annually for the last three years in a row.

Video is memorable.

The human brain digests video more easily than text. One study suggests 60,000 times faster, although my particular brain finds that statistic hard to believe. Regardless, it is easy to forget information someone has told you, but if we pair this information with an engaging visual, our retention increases by 55%. Therefore, new sales reps are 55% more likely to remember information learned via video than reading text, or listening to someone talk.

Why a mobile app?

Without reinforcing product knowledge, the majority of reps will forget 50% of learned content. A video-centric mobile app like Kast can help new reps by creating a database full of relevant information accessible constantly from their mobile phone. Videos can be reused for as long as they are relevant, and with the information in their pocket, there is always an opportunity to reinforce training. Making video-centric training more cost effective than both in-house training or one on one mentoring.

With hashtag categorization and trending topics, it’s more simple than ever to put the right piece of information in front of the right person. No waiting for a return email, lengthy phone call, or using outdated information. Kast contains what’s most relevant. A last minute price change? No problem. All reps can see the change in real time, from their mobile phone. The faster and better you onboard new reps, the sooner your company will see a return on their

Do you have a good onboarding program? Do you give your new sales reps the best chance to succeed?
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