Millennials: what do you know about them?

Over the last few decades, Millennials have been both pioneers of and guinea pigs for huge technological advances. From a young age, the information and resources available to them have been endless. Due to this little thing we called the internet, Millennials are more aware of the world than previous generations. More skeptical. More able to research answers and know truths.

Fuelled by this knowledge, they desire to impact the world.

As arguably the most collaborative and innovative generation to date, Millennials favor employers who look for ways to foster their curious and ambitious minds. And influenced by their digital environment, Millennials are set to substantially change the workforce.

So, what do we know about Millennials?

We know Millennials in the workforce don’t want bosses. They would rather take a low paying job at a start-up with the potential to learn and grow than have the security of a well-paid job that doesn’t satisfy their need for autonomy. They want mentors and coaches and constant reinforcement, and are not satisfied with  vague direction and a once yearly work review.

In short, they don’t want to work for you, but with you.

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Don’t mistake this for them needing you to hold their hand. If you want to engage an entrepreneurial, opportunity seeking generation, invest in them. Challenge them. Don’t smother their growth or put them in the corner with no real purpose. They will choose the company most invested in their growth.

And if you don’t grow with them, they will outgrow you.

They seek great work-life balance and want the hours spent working to be flexible and productive. They would rather be paid by the project than by the hour, ensuring their own entrepreneurial drive and time management directly affects their earnings. They are uninterested in sitting at a desk after finishing for the day, pretending to be busy because it’s not 5 pm yet.

That might make them look lazy. But they’re not. Sure, they might feel a touch entitled after growing up all receiving gold stickers for effort, but they judge their performance by the end result rather than the hours they put into getting there.

They want democracy, equality, and fairness, especially in daily life. Think Uber, BlaBlaCar, and Airbnb, all designed to challenge the system. If Millennials aren’t satisfied, they feel entitled to change the status quo.

What else do we know about Millennials?

Millennials are changing workplace interaction. Aside from needing to touch base with their boss more often, they are also changing communication at a basic level by integrating modern text messaging, chat rooms, Facebook and instant messaging have impacted communication habits into the workforce.

According to a recent Adobe survey, 51% of Millennials between 25-34 have used emojis in work emails.

Yes, that’s correct, emojis!

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They know the power of a smiley face in a work email, just as they know the power of a winky face in a text message. Having been exposed to the digital world from a young age, their private habits are slowly integrating themselves into their work lives. They sneak emojis into emails to bring an emotional tone back into digital communication, making things a little less formal than previous generations.

49% of millennials in the US believe in the power of communication through social media, so much so that 40% of them are willing to pay for it themselves, just to improve their work environment.

So, how do you engage a generation of tech-savvy, digital attached, and entrepreneurial employees?

Empower them with that technology.

An app like Kast is a social communication platform designed to work with the very technology that is engaging a generation of inspired employees. It will open up a powerful flow of collaboration within your company, allowing Millennials to feel engaged, innovative and valued.

Because remember: they don’t want to work for you, but with you.


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