Kast Version 2 is here!

We just launched version 2 of Kast!

Our updates were based on our users' feedback and how we could improve communication with your colleagues.

What’s new?

Introducing: Kast Stories

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Our first version had a timeline, where coworkers' updates were placed. That structure has changed.

Posts are now organized in stories, located inside each channel.

What does that mean? It means you can now have a more immersive and dynamic experience. You and your colleagues can add video, image or text onto a story, collaboratively. You can either create a new story or reply to an already existing one.

Every post is part of a story. Every story created is part of a channel. Simple as that.

So, how does it work?

The main screen still features channels. Each channel has different co-workers and different content.

So, by entering a channel, you’ll be able to see the stories your colleagues have created. Stories are organized by recency, so you won’t miss what they are talking about.

How do I create a story on that channel?

You can create a story by clicking on the circle in the middle of your navigation bar. Here’s where it gets really cool: there are many ways to tell your colleagues what’s going on.

Your main recording screen will be on video, but click on the small icons on the bottom of your screen and there you go - you can add either video, audio, image or text onto your story!

kast app screenshot

Finished creating your story? Just upload it to the channel you want :)

How do I reply to an already existing story?

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Easy. Posts, inside stories, are organized from oldest to newest.

Just click on + and you’ll be able to reply. By doing so, your post will be added to the end of that story. That way, stories get collaborative and everyone can share & view insights.

Now, posts are immersive.

Think Snapchat: one reason why people engage so much is the way content is viewed. That’s why we made stories full screen and immersive.

We’ve got notifications!

Who replied to your story? Who added a new story? Who joined your channels? It's all there.

kast app screenshot

Just click on the bell icon and voilà.

Okay, a lot has changed. What hasn’t changed?

Kast still stands on two pillars: employee engagement and security.

That means we are constantly studying how to improve communication. Content is still self-created because we want it to be practical - and humanized! We want you to be able to update your colleagues and stay current, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

And we know how important security is to a company. So our security remains high quality, from the moment you create an account to what is shared inside the app.

  • Signing in is totally safe, as you log in with your corporate email and you're automatically grouped with co-workers;
  • Only employees registered with corporate email will be able to access company content;
  • What you publish on Kast can’t be downloaded or shared outside the app.

As we now focus on our new, improved version, the first version of Kast will be shutting down. Unfortunately, by updating from the old version, users will lose all their content - so if you're an old user, be sure to check the important stuff before you update your app!

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