Revolutionize business communication with Kast

This week we are excited to announce the launch of Kast, a video-centric communication solution for your business. Kast is an interactive app that encourages rapid, spontaneous mobile communication through easily digested video and audio content. Most importantly, Kast allows information to flow freely within your company from the CEO to the interns, breaking down hierarchical barriers, and improving collaboration amongst co-workers.

Are you tired of typing information, sifting through hundreds of internal emails, and chasing long overdue responses? Do you want rapid communication, to keep everyone up to date in real time, and more effective collaboration between co-workers? I’m going to explain how you can accelerate key decisions in your company, boost employee collaboration and increase productivity. All with one simple app.

Specifically designed for the fast-paced digital workforce today, Kast is a communication tool made by and for people who understand that communication is one of the most important factors in business success. Kast enables employees to spontaneously share audio or video content, encouraging fast, real time communication amongst co-workers. With the ability to share to work groups or profiles, employees can quickly send and receive relevant info through their mobile device, allowing the entire team to be aware of changes on a real time basis. All content is categorized into groups by simple hashtags such as #marketing #sales #product.

But hey, there are already lots of ways to communicate, right? What makes Kast different?

Kast is mobile first, meaning less time computer bound, crafting emails, or being distracted by social media, and more time receiving and sending relevant information via phone. Kast is audio and video-centric, encouraging a much more rapid form of communication and a growing trend in many workplaces. But Kast is so much more than a communication app.

Accelerate key decisions with Kast

You and your co-workers will be on the same page, at the same time. Faster. Simpler. More succinct. A large portion of a work day is spent dealing with internal emails and non-friendly internal tools. Kast is a tool that strips away unnecessary time spent chained to a keyboard. It removes distraction from attempting to use unrelated social media for daily work, while injecting relevant, up to date information. The result? An increase in productivity.

Employees spend less time wasting their work day and more time making decisions, actively engaging in work that benefits the company. The best part? All content shared through Kast is completely secure. With Kast, the security of your information is of utmost importance.

Content can be monitored and everything is contained within the app. Nothing can be copied from Kast onto another platform for distribution. This really differentiates Kast from other social apps where content can be saved on personal phones and redistributed at will, meaning you lose control of your own information.

Kast will boost team collaboration

A staggering 78% of companies see communication as the main factor in project failure.

Picture the following scenario. You have a large team of employees currently working on a software integration project. Different areas of the company are involved. IT. Operations. Sales. Legal. Design. It’s hard to find a meeting time to suit everyone, much less on a daily basis. As the deadline approaches, it becomes apparent the team hasn’t been collaborating effectively. A loss of information between IT and Design is holding up Sales. You’re still waiting on an email from Legal. And Tim from Operations hasn’t been seen for two days. You need a platform of communication that is fast, easy, and allows co-workers who don’t usually cross paths to stay informed on collaborative projects.

With content notifications through a simple app on your phone, quick audio or video updates, and the ability to categorize posts, everyone from IT to Operations can see real time updates, changes, and even spontaneous thoughts about a collaborative project. With Kast in the workplace, communication just took a big step in the right direction.

Not a big corporation? Regardless of whether you’re a team of three or three hundred, effective communication is a key component of any successful business. Kast is an easy to use, completely secure way of collaborating with your team. Broadcast yourself. Hear and be heard. Let Kast change social interaction and team collaboration in your work place.

Start using Kast now! 

Do you find yourself looking for better and faster ways to communicate with your team? Do you think Kast could help in your workplace? 

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