How to Engage Employees with Video


An interesting report analyzed the future of communications in U.S. companies, and it affirms conclusively that the use of video for internal communications is on the rise. About 72 percent of communicators plan to increase their use of video this year, and 71 percent already produce videos to communicate with employees. According to this survey, many businesses and organizations have instituted a media center to train and develop their workers, share content, and listen to what others have to say everywhere.

If you believe in an efficient and profitable means of communication, push emails aside and put videos to work for you. The following 5 topics will show you how to engage employees with video.

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Mobile and Real Time

Today, about 60 percent of all mobile data traffic is delivered as video, and that number is expected to rise to 80 percent by the year 2020; so, to remain competitive, you should prepare your company to share in this new standard of communication. Imagine that you are in a meeting and are able to record it on your smartphone to share with your colleagues.

You can create a video and send it to them… or to your manager…or the CEO. This is not a vision of the future. It’s now! Companies, like PRAXAIR, are already using technology in this way.

Faster communication

The size of your company doesn’t matter. Videos are optimizing the efficiency of internal communications. Speed and engagement are crucial communication elements for teams; companies like IBM, Airbus, Localiza, and TIM are proof that it works.

“No more long, cumbersome marketing documents — no more boring presentations. Video is how companies and businesses should communicate.” Mark Leaser, Worldwide Offerings Manager, IBM.

Easy to Use

Play – pause – continue.

Using videos in your business communications can be as easy as using the remote for your DVD player: fluid and efficient. Also, according to scientists, our brain is better equipped to process and comprehend audiovisual input than text.

Distance Reduction

If your company or organization has multiple branches spread out in different cities, you probably spend a lot of time and money on travel expenses. Virtual communication can help save valuable resources that can be invested in more profitable use.

Videos are Hot and people are asking for it!

Last, but certainly not least, the report stated that 54 percent of employees are expecting video communication to increase in their workplace.

Go for Kast.

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