How employee generated video will boost your company productivity

The world as we know it is morphing into a digital machine. Information is readily available and shared amongst co-workers, friends, and family. In such a short period of time, the world has become transparent. Gone are the days of exhaustive research. Even if you’re not interested in a subject, if it’s trending, you’ll know about it by the end of the day. 

Studies show employees feel this transparency should shine through in the workplace. Hidden agendas, impersonal approaches, or lack of information in the workplace can have a huge impact on an employee’s willingness to work. 

Engaged, hard working employees want companies who listen to their ideas. Because in this transparent world, where anyone can have an opinion or be an expert online, employees like their voice to be heard in the workplace too. 

So, how do you encourage an entire company to start listening to each other? Especially when they are located on different floors, in different departments, or sometimes even in different buildings. With communication being mobile based and trending towards quickly consumed video in our private lives, consider how natural it would be to merge this technology into a fast paced, corporate setting. Employee generated video allows your employees to hear and be heard within their company.

So, how does employee generated video boost your company's productivity?

Firstly, let’s look at in-house training. We’ve all spent time in our careers either training co-workers or being trained ourselves. Consider how employee generated video could substantially improve the speed and effectiveness of your training sessions. It’s scientifically proven that our brains digest video more easily than text, therefore using video-centric training for both current or new employees will increase the speed in which your team learns.

Break down barriers.

As companies expand and become more global, employee generated content can help integrate national or international teams, improving company culture. Video-centric communication gives internal messages more personality and familiarizes co-workers. When employees see their colleagues online, it personalizes the content, encouraging engagement through watching and commenting. Giving everyone a voice from the intern to the CEO. Which can...

Boost Moral.

More importantly, employee generated video breaks down hierarchal barriers within a company. It’s a great way of humanizing the boss, and creating a sense of familiarity and closeness. Let’s face it no one likes taking orders from someone far from the action. Employers can use videos to promote initiatives, make announcements, or congratulate their team. In return, you will discover knowledge. You might have an employee who sits quietly in meetings, but has an incredible amount of knowledge stored in their head. With employee generated content they can share how-to videos, discuss ideas, and give feedback in creative and personal ways. Engaging all your employees, not just the ones who speak up. The best leaders and companies will not only keep up with constant changing technology but learn how to utilize it in collaboration with their team. Employee generated video is a big step in the right direction for corporate communication.

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