How Field Sales Teams and Agencies can benefit from Mobile Communication

Picturing the first scenario

Picture the following scenario. You are the CEO of a distribution company and have a large team of representatives constantly on the go endorsing your business and selling your products. Your sales team primarily communicates through their mobile device. You’re currently using mass emails to keep team members up to date about recent releases, product changes, customers, and any other work related business. There’s a constant need to keep them informed of new products, price changes, and sales strategies. You have in-house training, weekly meetings, and emails, but with the sheer volume of changes, information can be slow getting through. Sometimes the delay can cost hundreds of dollars in loses.

You need a channel of communication that not only handles rapid real-time adjustments but encourages collaboration between the sales team and head office.

Picturing the second scenario

Now, let’s look at an entirely different scenario. You’re the director in a large advertising agency currently working on a launch campaign for a valued customer. The final campaign needs to be finished by the end of the week. You oversee account managers, plus finance, media buying, HR, and production teams, not to mention the creative team consisting of copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, and art directors. The departments are spread over four different floors, and generally no matter what size the project, you have a large number of people collaborating on a single project at any one time.

You receive an email from the customer. He’s not happy with the campaign slogan and wants to change it. You email production, who needs to collaborate with creative and accounts, who in turn need to make the rest of the creative team aware of the changes. You email for an update a day later but don’t hear back straight away. This is frustrating. You’re worried about the final deadline.

You need a channel of communication that allows each and every team member to be aware of real-time changes, thoughts, updates, and feedback. Instantly.

Different scenarios. Different problems. But in both cases, collaboration can be substantially improved. What if we could solve these problems by introducing video-centric communication to both workforces? Kast is a mobile-first communication app designed specifically to meet the productivity and security needs of a corporate company while improving productivity and team collaboration.

Video communication, you ask? In the workforce, you ask? How’s that going to work?

Firstly, let’s look at statistics. Everyone owns a mobile phone these days, with many owning more than one mobile device. Of these devices, around 60% of all mobile data traffic is delivered as video. 6 million hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. And around 81% of Generation Y (who make up the biggest portion of the workforce ... and growing!) use YouTube.

So be assured, the majority of your colleagues already watch videos in their daily lives, probably even at work. According to scientists, our brains are better equipped to comprehend video than text, which is why video-centric social apps are such a popular way to communicate.

OK. You get it. We all watch videos. So what? How will video or audio based communication increase productivity, and boost collaboration in the above scenarios?

Video or audio based mobile communication encourages spontaneous feedback. With the ability to categorize posts through hashtags, everyone from head office to sales, or the creative team to accounts, will be notified via a mobile app of instant updates, changes, and even spontaneous thoughts about every day business or a collaborative project.

Co-workers can share daily information about prospects and customers. Give real time feedback. Celebrate wins. Collaborate on a shared project. Communicate product launches. Give the product team information based on customer needs. All in real time. Your co-worker simply needs to log into Kast to be instantly updated about a project or post their audio feedback about a customer as they walk across the carpark to their car.

More than a simple video chat app, Kast strips away time spent sifting through emails, time spent organizing meetings, time spent writing product updates, and time spent computer bound.

Increasing productivity.

Kast fits perfectly into a fast paced work environment, allowing information to flow freely within your company from the CEO to the design interns, to the sales team out on the streets. Kast breaks down the physical and hierarchical barriers built by the digital workforce and improves collaboration amongst co-workers. Have your enterprise in mobile.

Try Kast and improve communication in your company today. 

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