Boost Productivity By Arming Your Sales Team With The Right Technology

According to a recent study, many companies found sales representative positions the hardest jobs to fill last year. Sales is hard. These positions require passion and confidence, the ability to think on your feet and make quick judgment calls, independent work ethic, a high level of product knowledge, and a fairly tough skin. Not everyone is cut out for a position in sales, and that’s okay, but those who are need to be well equipped.

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Let’s say it takes approximately 12 months to get someone in sales up to speed with products, comfortable with the relevant aspects of your business, and networking well with your valued customers. Add to this, the constant need to be aware of changes in products, prices and sales methods.

Meanwhile, this person is representing your company on a grass roots level, driving your sales, engaging with your customers, and networking to make your business successful.

So it goes without saying – though I will write it down here to make a point – that when you find a great sales rep, they are certainly worth investing in.

As economies grow and companies need to expand their sales staff, they also need to be aware of investing in their current team. Raising targets and expecting more from your sales team is normal in the development of any company, big or small, but today’s sales reps expect higher targets to directly translate into higher salaries and higher commissions, as well as access to the most current technology to allow them to reach these targets.

There’s nothing more demoralizing for a sales rep than unachievable targets. You wouldn’t expect an athlete to be competitive today with equipment designed five years ago. So why would you expect your sales team to be successful with old technology that can either slow down productivity, or worse case, hinder their performance?

Just a few hours of product or sales training each month can make a substantial difference in the ability of your sales team to close deals, reach targets, and increase revenue. Arming them with the most current technology makes it easier to stay up-to-date with products, services, and sales strategies. They should have relevant content, prices, knowledge, changes, statistics, and training through videos, articles, or blogs at their fingertips. All day. Every day.

Kast is a forward thinking platform of communication that makes this easily achievable.

With the ability to share audio or video, using simple hashtags to categorize content, your team can rapidly send and receive relevant info through their mobile device, allowing the entire team from head office to sales to be aware of changes on a real time basis. A virtual office atmosphere creates a robust workflow throughout your company. It allows on-the-go co-workers or those who don’t always cross paths to give their opinion or be updated about projects simply by logging into an app on their phone, from anywhere at anytime.

By arming your team with the most up-to-date communication technology, you will be supporting not only your current sales team but creating an attractive position for new employees, allowing you to more easily recruit and retain the right people for your business. Because for many customers, their personal sales rep is the face of your company. All forward-thinking companies realize the value of investing in this person, giving them the tools to enable them to be as successful as possible.

Is your sales team working to their full potential?

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