Engaging Generation Y in the Workforce

It’s an exciting and revolutionary time in the workforce as Generation Y firmly establishes themselves as the driving force behind business success today. They have grown up as both pioneers and guinea pigs of incredible and rapid technological change in the world. As a result, Generation Y will bring substantial changes with them into the workforce.

Gen Y has grown up watching a massive shift in the way people communicate, how technology has been utilized, and how business is done. They are more aware of the world than former generations. Socially. Environmentally. Politically. 8 out of 10 are constantly connected to the digital world and sleep with a phone beside their bed. With a few touches of a button, they can educate themselves on any topic imaginable, providing the savvy, ambitious, socially aware, open minded individuals making up a huge portion of the workforce today.

On the other hand, Gen Y can be less engaged at work. Even considered lazy. But this is far from the truth. Gen Y believes themselves as leaders, meant for great things fuelled by their technological and social knowledge of the world. They would rather take a low paying job at a start up and be challenged on a daily basis than have the security of a well-paid job that doesn’t satisfy their needs. They respond well to direct contact with the boss; instant praise and find it difficult to follow the orders of someone far from the action.

By 2050 Gen Y will make up 75% of the world’s workforce. Gone are the days of lengthy meetings, yearly reviews, or communication via email. This is a generation who is impatient, tech savvy, looking for a challenge and have more than two tech devices on the go at any one time. They are constantly connected, and Kast app is connected with them, moving communication in the workforce to a whole new level.

So how do you use a video-centric communication app to engage a generation constantly connected to technology, updated minute by minute by the media, their friends, family, and news from the other side of the world?

Use that technology.

Kast is a video-centric communication app designed for business, encouraging spontaneous video and audio communication within your team, enhancing collaboration and promoting real-time updates rather than drafted emails. Take it to a virtual office.

How do you engage a generation of entrepreneurs in your company?

Strip away hierarchal barriers.

A simple solution to stripping away hierarchal obstacles and getting the most out of your employees is through improved communication and collaboration, thus enhancing responsibility and ownership in the company.

How do you engage a generation of forward-thinking, ambitious employees in your business?

Empower them.

Kast will open up a robust workflow within your company, eliminating distances between employees and managers. With everyone on an equal level, all playing active roles in the major decisions and projects, even your newest employee will feel valued and develop a sense of responsibility in the success of the company. Let Gen Y step out of the hierarchal line and feel engaged and valued within the enterprise, using the mobile technology that is second nature to them.

Where do you think the future of business communication is heading?

We know for sure that Kast will be there.

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