Data Integrity: A Top Priority for Companies

Is your business team ready for a data breach? The plans and content produced by your company are valuable. And should be treated that way. Reputation, plans, future strategies, and confidential data can be easily comprised. An employee who accidentally leaves their phone on a café table can be just as damaging as a disgruntled employee sabotaging from the inside.

Should data integrity be on the top priority list of your company?

The answer is yes! Though targeted attacks happen, corporate data security is usually breached as a result of human error or misconfigured systems, which once again, are due to human error. A study revealed that mobile security breaches affected 68% of global organizations in the last 12 months.

BYOD and Data Integrity

The BYOD (bring your own device) policy has become more common throughout the US, and as companies enjoy the benefits of employees using their own mobile device, sharing data, containing company information and protecting accounts suddenly becomes a wider spread security problem. Emails can easily be shared out of house. Just as an unlocked phone left in a taxi poses a huge risk to corporate mobile data integrity. For the great amount of people having practically a virtual office on their devices, that risk is beyond worrying.

So, how do you increase your corporate mobile data security, and protect valuable information from outside eyes?

There’s no need to lock up valuable information. Employees are most productive when fully informed. Thus, company information needs to flow freely to its fullest extent, yet be completely secure at the same time. The solution? Introduce a secure mobile app that protects the employee, the company, and above all, corporate data.

Data loss in a company of any size is a significant risk. You need a mobile app that not only makes storing and sharing corporate data easy but also keeps that content 100% secure.

What can we do to avoid security breach?

Here at Kast, corporate mobile data security is of utmost importance.

Unlike other mobile or messaging apps, Kast app has been specially designed to meet the high-security needs of a corporate environment. Internal communication is delivered via encrypted streaming, and via HTTPS, adding a high level of security.

A fundamental feature of Kast app is the ability to control and contain information. Kast app uses corporate email domains to group users. For example, only those with the email domain will be able to share information with other employees of the same organization. No one who picks up a business or personal phone can access Kast app – and thus corporate mobile data – without a secure login and password. Meanwhile, the admin panel inside Kast allows the organization to manage all content.

Also visit our security page to discover all features.

This differentiates Kast from other social apps where content can be saved on personal phones and redistributed at will. It’s easy to screenshot or copy and paste information from a mobile phone. With Kast, all content is contained within the app, meaning nothing can be copied and pasted from Kast into an email or other apps for external distribution, even if an unlocked phone is left in a taxi and picked up by the competition.

Kast security measures are continually updated, with the intent of providing the highest quality mobile platform possible for your corporate communication needs.

Partnering with Kast means you will never lose control of your corporate data. With Kast in the workplace, corporate mobile data security just took a big step in the right direction.

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