How to Increase Revenue By Connecting Your Sales Team

Following on from last week’s blog, let’s talk about how sales teams are often disconnected from the rest of the company, out on a limb, and sometimes even fending for themselves. There is little interaction between the marketing team – who produce leads through research, advertising, or web content – and the people on the ground closing these leads.

In a small company the same person can do both roles, but as a company grows, these departments become more specialized, separated, and disconnected. During this time, any profit is being invested back into the company; so getting the most out of your sales and marketing team is vital.

Pull and push. Long term and short term. With analysis, strategies, and brand identity, marketing should pull customers in, while sales push to close. Marketing focus on long-term profits of a company, while sales focus on short-term gains. These departments are so intertwined; it makes complete sense that they should be collaborating succinctly. And finding the right tool for communication is almost as important as communication itself.

Kast is a video-centric app designed to open up a dynamic flow of communication by creating an on-the-go platform of information. It works by creating a mobile, transparent work environment, where all information, data, statistics, and training videos can be viewed from a mobile app anywhere, anytime.

Creating strong connections between employees is fundamental for successful communication. Using social tools to boost communication can raise productivity by 20-25%. Social tools allow employees to form groups, network, contribute ideas or feedback, and most importantly, it gives everyone a voice. This dynamic flow of shared knowledge allows innovation and growth within a company, increasing revenue long-term.

How does this relate to sales, specifically?

Enable your sales team to be the most successful they can be. Arm them with as much information as possible. In-depth research, buyer analysis, and market trends are not fully utilized in just the hands of the marketing department, as 50% of your selling team are blind.

Information is power. The main aim of both marketing and sales is to increase revenue, as selling is the final result of marketing. Therefore, transparency of information and collaboration amongst these teams will decrease training costs, increase productivity, and drive revenue.

So, what’s the best way to feed your team information?

Video-centric collaboration is a growing trend in modern business, and if you’re not utilizing video technology, it’s only a matter of time before you do.

Video is dynamic, engaging, and memorable. Its benefits outperform those of text, email, and audio learning. An average employee watches 7 or more hours of video each month, and 76% of businesses recently surveyed, claimed video helps train employees better and faster. With the ability to revise video at their leisure, and with all content being accessible through one easy-to-use mobile app, your employees will constantly be armed with one of the most powerful tools in sales – information.

Kast will revolutionize the way your employees are heard, learn, and communicate with each other. This transparency will close the divide between marketing and sales, allowing revenue to grow to its full potential.

How connected are your sales and marketing team? Give them the best chance at success, and download Kast app for free today.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute.

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