BYOD Policy: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Adopting It Now

Everyone owns a mobile device these days. Many people own two, three or more. They help to organize and plan our lives. They keep us in touch with friends and family. We’ve come to completely rely on technology with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other smart devices centering our personal lives.

People are so attached to their mobile device that a growing trend has started in the US of workers bringing their mobiles, tablets, or laptops to work. They are so familiar with their mobile device that working on it makes accomplishing tasks simpler and faster.

Let’s start with a few benefits.

How can a BYOD policy help your company?

1) Decrease costs

One of the main benefits of a BYOD policy: costs of buying and maintaining mobile devices are transferred to the user. With individuals looking after the running costs of their device, businesses can redirect money that’s currently invested in mobile devices, plans, etc.

2) Satisfaction and Engagement

Employees are happier using devices they know. If companies leave it up to the user, employees would use devices they are familiar and most comfortable with, rather than being given an IT allocated device they find hard to use or old.

A BYOD policy gives employees the freedom to be flexible with their workday and manage their own time. Employees can work from the office, the comfort of their home or in a café down the street. Studies show people desire a flexible and fun work environment these days.

Happy and engaged employees are 38% more likely to have better productivity than those who are disengaged. 

Which brings me to my next point:

3) Enhance productivity

Employees will become more productive using devices they know and love. We all have our favorite brands that have become so easy to use that they become an extension of our lives, helping us organize, create, keep in touch, etc. Using a device that is familiar makes tasks faster and easier.

With BYOD policies allowing employees to be connected on-the-go and 24/7, responsiveness increases and productivity rises.

4) Up-to-date

Technology is a fast-moving industry, and often the personal devices of employees are more up-to-date than work ones. It’s not easy for companies to continually upgrade to the newest smartphone across all departments. With BYODs more modern than IT issued ones, businesses will benefit from advanced features, updates, upgrades, etc. Without the company absorbing the costs.

5) IT department can be more productive

One significant feature of BYOD is freeing up the IT department to be more productive. Without the need to maintain, update and fix hundreds of company devices, IT is freed up to spend time focusing on more important issues, be innovative, and move the company forward.

BYOD policies are a growing trend in US business, and your company can also enjoy the benefits of employees using their own device. However, a BYOD policy can present some security issues. Corporate data is less controlled, secure, and information can easily be shared externally. Make it a virtual office - with increasing productivity.

How can your company reap the benefits of a BYOD policy while maintaining control of valuable data?

Kast is designed to meet the mobile communication needs of modern business while addressing the high-security needs of a corporate environment.

Employees are most productive when fully informed. But how do you allow the information to flow freely while keeping it secure?

With Kast, internal communication is delivered via encrypted streaming and HTTPS. Unlike emails or other communication apps on personal phones where information can be copied and shared at will, nothing can be shared externally from Kast. Kast becomes a secure platform, containing and protecting all your valuable company information.

The main goal of a BYOD initiative is to increase productivity and decrease costs. With the right policies and regulations in place, positives of a BYOD policy far outweigh negatives. Embrace the benefits of BYOD without worry by putting Kast in place to ensure you never lose control of your data.

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